Fed up with colour light signalling, modern day traction and the stresses of everyday life? Then point your lens to Sellafield and enjoy the time warp of classic traction, semaphore signals and the rugged coastline of Cumbria.

British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) - Sellafield exclusively use Direct Rail Services (DRS) to serve their rail operations at Sellafield in moving nuclear flasks and chemical wagons to and from their Sellafield site which are predominately powered by pairs of Class 20/37 traction in a multitude of combinations and Class 37's respectively. There is a relatively low level of activity at present with the feeder services running on an as required basis (Q) and as a result of this some trains may well run with four locomotives to balance the workings. The Cumbrian Coastal Path which runs between Sellafield station and Seascale Golf Course in front of BNFL's perimeter fence provides plenty of photographic opportunities with the rail gate being centrally located along it.

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37087+20307+20304 Carlisle 37688 Seascale 37038 Sellafield 37194 Sellafield 20313+TnT+37038 Newbiggin

20302+37038 Seascale 37423+20312+20315 Seascale 20304+20307+20313 +37038 Sellafield 20302+20307 Hest Bank 37688+TnT+37038 Hest Bank
20313+TnT+37038 Kent Viaduct 20302+ Seascale 20304+ Kent Viadct 20313 Newbiggin 37038 Sellafield
37423 Sellafield 37606 Sellafield      

British Nuclear Fuels Limited (BNFL) welcomes railway photographers on the Cumbrian Coastal Path so long as prior notification is made in writing of the visit and pictures are not taken showing the inside of the perimeter fence of BNFL. Failure to comply with these conditions will very promptly lead to the heavily armed Civil Nuclear Constabulary issuing you with a Form 1510, "Stop / Stop & Search of Person / Vehicle".

Last Updated, 20/04/19