Farewell - South Wales TPO

1M95, 21h40 Swansea - Willesden PRDC TPO made its final departure on Friday 25th July 2003 following Royal Mails announcement that it will cease to use rail for the distribution of first class mail by March 2004, when its new distribution network integrating road and air comes into place.  The balance working 1V44 Willesden PRDC - Swansea TPO was similarly affected, with the final arrival being at 03h40 on Saturday 26th July 2003.

The consist of the Royal Mail coaching stock was NAA+NSA+NTA+NSA+NTA+NSA+NBA+NOA+NAA. The train was serviced during the day at Margam Depot / Wagon Works and ran empty to Swansea Maliphant Sidings during early evening, where the locomotive ran around its train and propelled it into Platform 1 at Swansea station. The out and home workings were manned by London & Swansea TPO staff on alternate days  with 1M95 being crewed by London TPO staff on Monday / Wednesday & Friday and Swansea TPO staff on Tuesday & Thursday. Twenty six Royal Mail TPO staff including the manager arrived for duty just after 20h00 hrs and assisted in loading the mail onto their train from awaiting lorries.

1M95 called at Cardiff, Bristol, Reading and Slough and sorts mail for Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Kent, Sussex, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Essex and London.

1V44 called at Reading, Bristol, Newport and Cardiff and sorts mail for Somerset, Avon and South Wales.

Friday 25th July 2003 was a very sad night and this article has been compiled as a tribute to the many Royal Mail staff that I have made friendship with during the past fourteen years and I wish them and their families the very best health and happiness for the future.

This is how it went on the last day.....


67008 passing Briton Ferry with 5M95 18h35 Margam - Swansea ECS. 67008 pulls into the Platform, reverses into Maliphant Sidings and runs around its train. The stock is then pushed back into the platform.  
Lorries arrive at the station with mail to load on to the train. TPO staff arrive around 20h00 to assist the mail being loaded on to the train and to begin sorting the mail on the train prior to a 21h40 departure.
Gorby places the Last South Wales TPO headboard onto the front of 67008 London crew. Swansea crew. End of an Era, 67018 pulls in at 03h02 with the final train.  
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