Recent Blogs

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5th March 2011: - I took a nice picture of 60096 climbing Stormy Bank, approaching Pyle station working 6B13 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco tanks.

1st March 2011: - 60074 worked back on 6V19 Immingham to Margam as far as Llanwern, before working 6B49 to swindon.

21st February 2011: - 60010 failed at Filton with 'loss of power' on a light engine move from Westbury to the Knuckle Yard and was dragged to ADJ where it was sent to Bescot for onward movement to Toton Depot.

19th February 2011: - 08770 Benny, 09015 and 09102 were all moved in convoy at 1100hrs by Heanor's road transport from the Knuckle Yard to TJ Thompson's at Stockton. Tata security made an unsuccessful attempt to stop me photographing on what they believed to be their private property, which is actually a public right away across their road from Margam Knuckle Yard to the beach.

11th February 2011: - 60096 arrived at the Knuckle Yard off 6V02 from Tees Yard and was used on 6B26/6B03/6B04 Knuckle Yard to Trostre to Llanwern to Margam steel workings.

10th February 2011: - 60074 left on 6M03 Robeston to Bedworth tanks.

8th February 2011: - I was grateful to receive a message to say that 59206 was parked under the floodlight at Margam Knuckle Yard whilst working 6B47 Westerleigh to Robeston empty bogie tanks. Ta Mr. B for all your help.

3rd February 2011: - Assembled my stepladder on stilts for the, over the palacide fencing picture of 73209 at Celsa, much to the surprise of Gary, Ian and Sue who were servicing 08934.

30th January 2011: - 73209 arrived at Celsa Top 'n Tail between 20301+20302, 20304+20305.

29th January 2011: - 08934 commenced Celsa Munster duites covering Celsa and Tidal pilot duties.

28th January 2011: - 60074 arrived in south wales off 6B65 Westbury to ADJ and was sent to the Knuckle Yard. Tidal Monsters completed their last day of Celsa workings with 08804 acting as the Celsa Pilot whilst 08888 carried out the Tidal Pilot workings and 08632 was out of service with electrical problems. The first new Celsa Munster pilot arrived at Celsa with defective batteries and 08934 arrived later that day from Whitemooor Yard.

27th January 2011: - 60011 left south wales on 6E20 Knuckle Yard to Immingham.

12th January 2011: - 60011 arrived At ADJ overnight from Toton and was moved light engine to the Knuckle Yard. Looks a nice paint job on the outside but the inside was swilling with oil and some component exchange had been undertaken, including the injectors. Several handtools were also found on top of the brake frame. Lol.